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Outreach Ministries in western Washington encompasses a broad family of ministries that engages community members in humanitarian and witnessing ministries. Ministries represented include but are not limited to:

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ACS-WashingtonMobilizing People to Transform Communities [Top of Page]
Adventist Community Services (ACS) - Washington recruits and trains individuals to impact their communities with programs that meet needs and improve lives.  We believe in the transforming power of walking beside those who are hurting and suffering to show them a better way of life and to empower them to achieve it.

Adventist Community Services (ACS) - Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that partners with Adventist churches, schools and independent Adventists supporting ministries to make a sustainable and significant impact upon targeted communities. This is principally done through training key leadership in non-profit governance and financial and human resource development.


Financial Empowerment
Financial volatility creates a chaotic home environment. This can lead to stunted emotional, physical and spiritual growth of its members. The Financial Empowerment Initiative explores and promotes programs that helps families gain and manage resources making it possible to manage emergencies and take advantage of opportunities. Churches can host activities that promote household financial stability such as such as Free Tax Preparation sites and financial education classes.

Thrift Ministry
Thrift stores represent a unique opportunity to continue to meet needs of clothing and household goods while generating income for further ministry. Selling used clothes and other items can make these items affordable for many while the money generated can support further ministry opportunities such as medical help or job training.

Access resources from the Occupy Your Ministry Conference »

ACS Centers [Top of Page]
Every year ACS Centers serve well over 100,000 clients with food, clothing, household items, bedding, furniture, rent assistance and other services. Churches are welcome and encouraged to become involved in these programs through in-kind or monetary donations, referrals, volunteering or supporting the addition of programs.

New for 2016 only! ACS-Washington is offering a Plant Improvement Matching Grant for major centers in the Washington Conference. For more information and to apply click here.
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ACS Federation [Top of Page]
Washington Conference is divided into eight geographic regions (Local Federations) with officers in each area that support the humanitarian work of churches in their area. Local Federations create a forum for community service leaders from the various churches to learn what is happening in their region, share resources and network to create stronger, innovative programming.

Each area meets twice a year for inspiration, training and fellowship, the discussion of common concerns, and the planning of joint projects. A modest dues structure enables local and conference-wide federations to financially support selected leaders to attend specialized training events that will enhance the services provided.

All churches in the conference that fall within the boundaries of a federation are members of that federation. Community Service leaders are encouraged to be involved, but anybody is welcome to attend the twice yearly meetings to see what is happening in their area.

Federation Areas

  •     East King Federation - Eastside of Lake Washington
  •     Northern Federation - Skagit, Whatcom and Island Counties
  •     Pierce Federation - Pierce County
  •     Seattle Federation - Seattle Churches
  •     Snohomish Federation - Snohomish County
  •     Southern Federation - Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties
  •     South King Federation - Region from Burien to Federal Way/Auburn/Enumclaw
  •     Western Federation - Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap Counties

Adventist Disaster Response (ADR)
[Top of Page]
Adventist Disaster Response (ADR) is a volunteer network purposed to respond to the needs of people affected by natural and manmade disasters. ADR coaches churches, schools and families to help them develop emergency plans. »Read: What does WA ACS-Disaster Response Do?

Preparedness Classes: Two classes are available for you to host at your church, school or other venue. Contact us for information on scheduling an instructor to visit your area.

  • Individual/Family Disaster Preparedness: a 90 minute class covering the different kinds of disaster supply kits and what supplies they should contain.
  • Disaster Financial Preparedness: a 90 minute class exploring the benefits of preparing a "Document Kit" and the types of personal and household paperwork that they should contain.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • In large disasters Adventists specialize in managing warehouses of donated goods, ensuring they are properly disbursed in the affected community. Interested volunteers need to take the "Donations Operations" class to be ready to respond.
  • Every two years Adventist Disaster Response organizes a Community Rebuilding Mission Trip to a community in the United States that has been affected by a disaster.
  • Church Disaster Preparedness Leaders work with their local church to prepare for the event of a disaster. This includes developing a Disaster Plan and making sure key leaders understand their roles. Speak with your pastor to volunteer. 

»Get trained and get involved! Complete the Volunteer Form.

Disaster Preparedness Resources - Prepare & Practice

Disaster Preparedness Resources - Plan

Disaster Response Partner Resources

Personal Ministries
A Ministry You Can Relate To [Top of Page]
Personal Ministries inspires and trains lay members to witness and win souls for the Kingdom of God. According to the New Testament, all Christian disciples are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel via preaching, teaching, witnessing, lifestyle and personal influence.

Examples of existing ministries include: visiting prisons, hosting a community car show, hosting a "Biggest Loser" program and offering personal Bible studies. The possibilities are only limited by the interests and needs in your community and your willingness to follow God.

Signs Newsbox Ministry
Washington Conference partners with Pacific Press to offer Signs news boxes throughout our communities. In addition to issues of the monthly Signs Magazine and other approved literature, these 24/7 sentinels represent a unique literature distribution system to provide relevant lifestyle literature for the community. The Signs Fellowship comprised of Signs newsbox coordinators meets three times a year to encourage and coordinate this ministry.

»Order Signs magazines through Auburn Adventist Book Center at www.adventistbookcenter.com or by calling (888) 492-2522
»Arrange for a Signs newsbox by calling (253) 681-6008

Leadership Training
Whenever possible, the Personal Ministries department partners with other NPUC Conferences and the North American Division in supporting key lay leaders to attend specialized training events such as the NAD Festival of the Laity in person or online. We also host the annual Outreach Opportunities Networking Conference held on the first Sunday in March. This event features an unparalleled array of traditional and emerging ministry ideas that are bearing fruit within Washington Conference.

Ministry Training Institute (MTI)
MTI sponsors a Bible Instructor Training Program in cooperation with the NPUC Office of Regional Affairs and Regional churches. Contact us at (253) 681-6008 for more information on how to enroll.

Prison Ministries [Top of Page]
Adventist Prison Ministries (APM) Washington coordinates the volunteers reaching out to inmates housed in correctional facilities throughout western Washington. Through Prison Ministries, hope is renewed and lives are transformed by God. There are 12 ministry groups (supported by 15 churches) serving in seven institutions in western Washington. New volunteers are welcome to serve after attending an orientation.

Volunteers are needed for In-Prison Church Services and Bible Studies; Inmate Counseling; Friendly Visitor Program; Pen Pal Program; Pre-Release and Re-Entry; Inmate Education; Literature Distribution; Jail Ministry; Juvenile Home Ministry; Ministry to Inmate Families. »Fill out a Volunteer Form to get involved in prison ministries!

Adventist Prison Ministry Fellowship
This fellowship group is comprised of Prison Ministry volunteers from across the conference. The fellowship meets twice a year for information, inspiration, coordination and fellowship. Everyone active or interested in Prison Ministries is welcome to attend and learn.

Institutional Bible Study and Worship Services
About 12 ministry groups (supported by many local churches) present Bible study and worship services within the major prisons and jails in western Washington.

Transitional Housing
An initiative to provide transitional housing for newly released individuals is being developed. Show your support for this ministry by giving today. Your gift of $300 or more in a year will make you a member of the Committee of 100 for Transitional Housing.

Don’t Follow Me
Don’t Follow Me is a group of former inmates who share their testimonies about God’s pursuit and transformation of their lives. Churches are able to schedule a Prison Ministry emphasis Sabbath that includes a sermon and afternoon program presented by this ministry team.

Northwest Prison Ministry Retreat
April 1-3, 2016 at Gladstone Park Conference Center.
Every two years a Northwest Prison Ministry Retreat for active volunteers and new recruits is held. The three-day event provides inspiration, fellowship, and training.

NPUC Prison Ministry Advisory
This committee of Prison Ministry representatives from throughout the Pacific Northwest exists to develop a stronger network of prison ministry volunteers. One goal of this group is to develop a means to track inmates who are active with Adventist Prison Ministries and transferred to a new facility.

Community Impact Service EventsDoing Good in the Neighborhood [Top of Page]
Community Impact Service Events (CISE) concentrate church members from across Washington Conference into an afternoon of service for a targeted area. Service projects include: open air concerts, helping local relief agencies, health screenings, water give-away, prayer table, free photos and disaster preparation information. The possible ministries are only limited by your imagination. Volunteers can sign up to lead or staff a project. Find out what it takes to receive assistance for YOUR event!

Local Teen Mission Trip
Local Teen Mission Trip combines the energy of teenagers with a homeland mission trip in July. The mission trips are held in western Washington and are designed to help teens benefit a targeted community. To date, teen volunteers have served in Chehalis, Burlington and Friday Harbor.

Urban Ministries [Top of Page]
Urban Development Ministries
Three of the largest population centers in Washington state are included in the Washington Conference territory: Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. Urban areas offer unique challenges for ministry as well as unique opportunities. A Partnership Grant is available for churches, schools or ministries who host a Community Impact Service Event. Contact us for application information.

Urban Ministries Development Roundtable
A think tank composed of Adventist representatives from various urban ministries and aspects of urban development. This group looks for opportunities to serve urban areas in our conference and discusses how to build bridges between Adventist churches and our communities.

Urban Book Depository
This ministry offers urban literature evangelism opportunities to youth attending regional churches in our conference.


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