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Adult Bible Study
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Adult Bible study (or Sabbath School) classes have four areas of emphasis: faith, fellowship, community, and world mission. Traditionally, adult Bible study classes are presented in a lecture format. However, with different learning styles, some adult Bible study classes are using different presentation formats, such as small group discussion, to engage members in Sabbath School.
Sabbath School leaders are also employing more community outreach programs, building up leaders, and applying small group ministry concepts to connect participants and help shape a sense of community.

Children's Ministries & Vacation Bible School [Top of Page]
Children are a vital part of our lives and our church. Children’s Ministries is designed to reach out to children and draw them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church. We encourage you to provide quality children’s programming to “Tell a Child, Tell the World.”

Vacation Bible School is a summer program for neighborhood children. You can pick up VBS curriculum (denominational and non-denominational) through the Adventist Book Center and local Christian bookstores. Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has a free VBS program called "Adventures for Kids."

Leadership Resources:

Children's Literature:

Children's Bible Studies:

Family Ministries [Top of Page]

Family Ministries in Washington Conference strives to strengthen families by determining the needs of the church family, providing the best resources, and training and equipping others in family ministry. Family Ministries is a renewed effort to nurture, support, affirm, strengthen, and encourage families through many different ways. Family Ministries focuses on the unique needs, interests, and hurts found in families both inside and outside of the church. The ultimate goal of Family Ministries is “strengthening relationships for eternity.”


Health Ministries [Top of Page]
The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes health is a gift from a loving God who wants us to live life in its abundance. Health Ministries encourages and enables Adventist church leaders and members to not only experience a healthful, abundant life, but also to share the divine principles for whole person health with individuals in their communities. Health Ministries provides churches and members with resource support, representation, mentoring, event planning, professional support and promotion of a healthy lifestyle through services and programs.

Hispanic Ministries [Top of Page]
Hispanic Ministries provides resources for evangelism, Sabbath School, personal ministries, youth, stewardship and training for pastors, churches and members of Hispanic churches in western Washington. This department coordinates or plans events such as Hispanic Family Camp Meeting (Campestre Hispano), evangelistic meetings, stewardship seminars, Youth Federation, family seminars, and Spanish advisory meetings.

¡Bienvenidos al Departamento Hispano de la Conferencia de Washington! El Departamento Hispano provee los siguientes servicios a los miembros Hispanos, líderes e iglesias de la Conferencia de Washington:


1. Recursos para Evangelismo, Escuela Sabática, Obra Misionera, Jóvenes, Mayordomía y entrenamiento a pastores, iglesias, y miembros de la Conferencia de Washington. 

2. Coordinación del calendario anual de actividades como ser: Campañas Evangelísticas, Congreso de Jóvenes, Convocación de Laicos, Campamento Familiar Hispano, Escuela de Evangelismo, Seminarios de Mayordomía, Federación de Jóvenes, Mini-Olimpiadas, Seminarios de Familia, y las reuniones del Comité del Consejo Hispano.

3. Una atmósfera Cristocéntrica que busca el crecimiento espiritual, establecer nuevas iglesias, y nutrir a los miembros Hispanos de la Conferencia de Washington.

Pathfinders & Adventurers [Top of Page]
Pathfinders and Adventurers are worldwide organizations of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Programs include camping, age-appropriate leadership training, community outreach, interactive training modules and awards in a positive, encouraging learning environment. Pathfinders (ages 10-16), Adventurers (ages 6-9), Eager Beaver (age 5) and Little Lamb (age 4) programs are designed to help children learn skills and grow in their relationship with God, family and community.

Prayer & Spiritual Growth [Top of Page]

The Prayer and Spiritual Growth department's purpose is to help people grow strong in Jesus through prayer, Bible study and personal sharing. Through this department, you can arrange for a seminar, leadership training session, prayer conference, prayer event(s), and find Bible study and prayer resources.

Regional Ministries [Top of Page]
Regional Ministries helps regional black churches grow spiritually, numerically and financially to experience revival and life-changing transformation. The Office of Regional Affairs coordinates, develops and sustains a high level of: Unity among pastors and laity; Representation and participation by black pastors, laity, churches and constituency in the overall ministry of the conference; and  Connection within the church, community and with faith-based organizations.

SAGE Senior Ministry [Top of Page]
Seniors in Action for God with Excellence (SAGE) is a ministry for and by those 50 and better from boomers to active seniors in Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This ministry is designed to enhance the spiritual, mental, physical, and social health of senior church members. 

Activities include an annual spiritual convention/retreat with outstanding speakers and musicians; building projects for churches and schools in Western Washington and abroad; annual banquets and a special anniversary supper at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting; one-to-three day excursions to scenic Northwest areas; and cultural and musical programs in the Seattle area.

Join SAGE for Free! You will receive flyers of upcoming events and ministry reports about what SAGErs are doing! To sign up, send in your name, address, phone number and home church. Send your info by mail to the conference address, 32229 Weyerhaeuser Way South, Federal Way, WA 98001, or by email to candace.faletogo@wc.npuc.org or by phone (253) 681-6008 ext. 4121.

Single Adult Ministries
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Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) is ministry for all single adults whether they have never been married or are divorced or widowed, with or without children. Our ministry focuses on singles age 40 and up. ASAM provides a safe environment for fellowship where single adults can be inspired, encouraged, motivated, and challenged in relationship building, growth nurturing, and developing community.

Stewardship [Top of Page]
The Stewardship department encourages believers to partner with God in the faithful use of their talents of time, skills and material goods for the glory of God and the advancement of His cause upon the earth. Stewardship is the personal acknowledgement on our part that God is owner and provider of all the basic goods of life—spiritual, physical and material. As Christians, we are called to be faithfully responsible with the resources entrusted to us by God. We are to manage God-given gifts of time, talents, money and the use of our spiritual gifts.

Sunset Lake Camp [Top of Page]
Since 1957, Sunset Lake Camp has been the destination of choice for young people and families looking for a week of adventure and fun. Over the years, thousands of campers have enjoyed this life-changing journey of discovery Sunset Lake Camp exists to provide and preserve a natural, Christian environment that fosters experiences of re-creation and community. Sunset Lake offers six weeks of summer camps for campers ages 8-17; outdoor education; and an annual calendar of special events. Come experience new challenges, heart-pumping activities and memories to treasure for a lifetime! Discover more at www.sunsetlake.org.

Women's Ministries [Top of Page]
Women's Ministries is designed to encourage, challenge, equip and nurture Seventh-day Adventist women to make a difference in their homes, churches, communities, and the world. The spiritual vision of Women's Ministries is to know Jesus passionately and to serve and disciple other women.

Women's Ministries is an opportunity for discipling, mentoring and nurturing women. It's a place to address the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of women in the church. It's a ministry where women are encouraged to develop their potential for participation in the mission of the church. It's a mentoring and support system for women through the cycles of life. It's a forum to help address topics and issues as they affect women.

Women's Ministries on a global level through the Seventh-day Adventist world church addresses six issues: illiteracy, poverty, threats to health, length of workday and poor working conditions, abuse and the need for training and mentoring for greater involvement in the mission of the church.

Young Adult Ministries [Top of Page]
Young Adults face three big decisions: who to marry, what career path to follow, and what to believe about God. The church plays a defining and nurturing part in helping young adults sort out life issues. Our ultimate aim is to see young adults who have given up on church (in some cases on God), brought back into true community with other young adults who are passionate about Jesus.

Youth Ministries [Top of Page]
The Youth department’s mission is to empower young people to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and become actively involved in ministry and in the life of their local congregation. Programs such as rallies, retreats and training events are offered throughout the year.