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Culture of Evangelism
Ministry Leader: Tyler Long

Every church in Washington Conference is challenged to adopt a "culture of evangelism and soul winning." This challenge encourages churches to be intentional in improving its health and growing God's kingdom. The Gospel Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 calls us to be worldwide witnesses, make disciples, and proclaim Jesus' second coming. Jesus also calls us in Matthew 5:13-16 to love our neighbors, share acts of kindness, be compassionate and let our light shine.

Washington Conference is committed to helping pastors and church leaders live out God's call to go into their neighborhoods and communities to make disciples of all people. Our primary role is to provide training, encouragement and resources for churches in their evangelistic endeavors.

40 Days of Prayer[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Kevin Wilfley

Each August, Washington Conference hosts 40 Days of Prayer in preparation for the Reach Washington start date. You are welcome to join the Washington Conference family for a daily time of prayer and intercession. The prayer teleconference runs from August 24 to October 2, 2015, from 6-6:30 am. This prayer call continues throughout the year from 6-6:30 am. To join the call, dial (206) 743-0338. Enter the conference ID: 32229. You can press *6 to mute/unmute your line.

Pastor Resources[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Bill Roberts

The Ministerial Department provides the necessary resources to empower and equip leaders for effective ministry.

Church Elder Resources[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Bill Roberts

The greatest need in the church today is leadership. Elders as leaders in the local church are to help members first understand and then engage in the mission of the church. Elders are charged with the care and feeding as well as the spiritual guidance of the church (1 Timothy 3:5). Elders should be able to preach and teach when called upon (Titus 1:7, 9). Elders should be a resource for those who seek partnership in prayer (James 5:14). Elders should be involved in the work of shepherding (Acts 20:28). Elders are important team members in ministry!

Partners for Growth[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Doug Bing

Washington Conference will partner with any congregation that is committed first and foremost to fulfilling the Gospel Commission. By fulfilling our God-give roles and combining the strengths of the local church and the resources of the conference, we can intentionally partner with God to grow healthy congregations. In this partnership, the conference provides leadership training (consulting, coachng and mentoring) to help church leaders and pastors to become agents of change in the local church. Three levels of Church Growth Practicums give church teams the opportunity to process the material and develop specific strategies for implementation in their local context.

Natural Church Development[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Doug Bing

Jesus called the church, "My Body." A congregation is a living organism, not an organization. It is a body, not a business. If it is healthy, growth will come naturally. Natural Church Development helps a congregation identify the essential qualities of a church to evaluate and direct its growth. NCD examines eight core areas: Empowering Leadership, Gift-Oriented Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Functional Structures, Inspiring Worship Services, Holistic Small Groups, Need-Oriented Evangelism, and Loving Relationships.

Discipleship Survey[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Doug Bing

Washington Conference developed a Discipleship Survey to provide some data to help us better develop resources and programs that will help our members continue to grow spiritually. This survey is provided in January and February each year. Anyone, age 12 and older, who attends an Adventist Church in Washington Conference is invited to complete a survey.

Literature Ministries[Top of Page]

Youth Rush[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Caleb Maccarone

Youth Rush is an extreme spiritual boot camp. Youth Rush is a 10-week summer program where young adults (age 16 and older) visit door-to-door in the community to share God's love with neighbors through conversation, prayer and distribution of high-quality books for healthy living, families and spiritual growth. Youth Rush participants earn $2,000-5,000 in scholarships through book sales to help finance their education.

Church Planting[Top of Page]
Ministry Leader: Doug Bing

Washington Conference is committed to proclaiming to all people in western Washington the Good News of God's offer of salvation. As we approach this God-sized task, our strategy is to plant new churches and congregations throughout our territory. Church planting connects with the heartbeat of God because it is one of the most effective ways to grow God's kingdom.

Churches or individuals who are interested in starting a church plant must submit a Church Planting Proposal that outlines the leadership, purpose and mission, type of plant (sponsored or unsponsored), core group, location, launch date, meeting space, pre-launch activities, evangelism plan, and budget.

Homecoming SabbatH / Reconnecting Ministries[Top of Page]
Some estimates say there are between one and two million former and non-attending Adventists in North America. One of the best ways to reconnect with these members is through personal visits and renewing of friendships. Listening skills help to develop a level of trust and demonstrate our genuine care about people. Each Thanksgiving and Christmas, Washington Conference encourages its churches to host a Homecoming Sabbath.